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Where is Killer Chris Fattore Now? The Whole Case of Chris Fattore and Melissa Merritt Explained

Where is Killer Chris Fattore Now

Even though three members of the same family had died within five years, Caleb Harrison was found visibly abused that his parents’ deaths were deemed to result from foul play; that’s because there wasn’t enough proof in the beginning to make William “Bill” Harrison’s and Belinda Bridget Harrison’s deaths anything more than naturally believable. But, now that this case has been resolved satisfactorily, as detailed in ‘Dateline: The House on Pitch Pine Crescent,’ let us learn more about one of its perpetrators, Chris Fattore.

Who is Chris Fattore?

In the mid-2000s, then-occasional security officer Christopher “Chris” Fattore ran into a recently separated Melissa Merritt for the first time, and sparks flew. They were eight years apart in age, and she was a mother of two, yet by all accounts, they were happy, loving, protective, and utterly dedicated to one another. That’s why, even though she’d never formally divorced Caleb Harrison, they held a common-law ceremony, effectively making them spouses in their own eyes.

What Happened Between Chris Fattore and Melissa Merritt?

It’s no surprise that Chris’ feelings mirrored Melissa’s hostility toward her ex, as he tried to maintain joint custody of their children despite his criminal record. Indeed, he once referred to Caleb killing someone while driving under the influence on his Facebook profile by publishing a doctored photo of him with devil horns, frightening jaws, and a speech bubble stating, “Give me a beer and the keys to Mercedes.” He made it clear that he wanted his wife to raise these two children and those they shared, which is how he became engaged in the situation.

According To Records:

Records show that Chris assisted Melissa in fleeing with her children on the day Bill Harrison died, April 16, 2009, and then acquired a new name to ensure they could remain off the radar. They were successful for seven months until he handed in a rent check in his name in November, leading the officials directly to their new Nova Scotia headquarters. The eventual mother of six was arrested for parental abduction and pleaded guilty, resulting in the family returning to Mississauga, Ontario — even though he faced no charges in the incident.

Chris Fattore and Melissa Merritt Got Arrested:

Melissa and Chris were both arrested for murder in January 2014, just a short distance from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, where they’d relocated following Caleb’s death in 2013. While the case against the former was detailed primarily, there was direct physical evidence against the latter – Chris’ DNA was found under Caleb’s fingernails, and trace evidence of both men was found on latex gloves recovered from a trash can. The subsequent confession to authorities by the then-41-year-old male also aided the investigation, as he accepted most of the blame for the dirty work himself.

Where is Killer Chris Fattore Now?

Chris recalled that he punched the sleeping Caleb in the chest first, then flung him across the room as he begged for his life and offered money in exchange for mercy. However, he went on to choke and beat him to death. Chris was eventually charged with three counts: first-degree murder in connection with Caleb’s death in 2014, first-degree murder in connection with Bridget’s death in 2010, and second-degree murder in connection with Bill’s death in 2009. He was later acquitted of the latter indictment due to a lack of evidence but convicted of the former two, for which he received two concurrent mandatory life sentences without the possibility of parole for 25 years. Chris is still imprisoned in a high-security facility in Ontario, Canada.

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