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How Did Tiantian Kullander Die? Co-Founder of Amber Group is No More

Tiantian Kullander die

Tiantian Kullander, an Amber Group co-founder, has died. Examine his predicament and Tiantian Kullander’s reason for death in greater depth.

Who is Tiantian Kullander?

Tiantian Kullander co-founded Amber Group and KeeperDAO, an on-chain liquidity underwriter. He also served on the board of Fnatic, an e-sports firm. Kullander, also known as TT, assisted in the foundation of Amber in 2017 and built it into a critical crypto market maker with a recent fundraising valuation of over $3 billion. Like several of the Amber co-founders, he had prior trading experience, having worked on the floor at Goldman Sachs. He put his heart and energy into the company at every stage of its development. “He set an exceptional example with his intelligence, kindness, humility, hard work, and invention,” Amber, located in Singapore, said in a statement. His wife and child survive him, according to the obituary.

What Happened To Tiantian Kullander?

Amber Group revealed that Tiantian Kullander, its co-founder, died unexpectedly in his sleep on November 23rd. Amber Group co-founder Tiantian Kullander died, according to the statement. On November 23, he died peacefully in his sleep. Kullander, often known as TT, helped create Amber in 2017 and grew it into a prominent crypto market maker worth approximately $3 billion at its most recent fundraising. He had a trading background, like many of the Amber co-founders.

How Did Tiantian Kullander die?

According to online accounts, he died quietly in his sleep. Also, the precise cause of his death remains uncertain. We will update this page whenever we have enough information on Tiantian Kullander’s death. Tiantian Kullander, a co-founder of Amber Group, died abruptly in his sleep on November 23. Kullander was a significant figure in the business’s founding, according to the company. He co-founded the company with former colleagues from Morgan Stanley and other financial industry firms. Kullander set an excellent example with his knowledge, charity, humility, effort, and innovation, according to the organisation. Aside from his work with Amber Group, Kullander developed KeeperDAO, the first on-chain liquidity underwriter.

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