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Jose Silvestre Urzua, Overall Death Details and Murder

Jose Silvestre Urzua

Jose Silvestre Urzua Was a well-known famous Mexican national guard who was directly killed on the 24th of November 2022 on a Thursday evening. The remaining four of his gang members were severely wounded during the overall incident as an operation against an organized criminal was going on for the national army, and as they were not able to find the reason for the overall incident, one of them could not able to survive the attack of the gang and the remaining four are also very badly injured. Few of them have very fewer chances of surviving. The gang members were properly armed and had property equipment with them, and the remaining Four individuals were severely wounded.

Jose Silvestre Urzua Death

Death of General Jose Silvestre Urzua

Jose Silvestre Urzua happened on the 24th of November 2022 when he went on a very serious mission while representing The Mexican national guard. While there as the God, he represented his country as a very successful man. The members looked forward to finding a criminal gang, and during the process, they did not have proper knowledge about the entire team. They did not control the process and met with the criminals in a sudden manner who had proper arms, and that was the reason in which they failed to survive the incident. The death happened in a certain battery manner, which has been a very difficult incident altogether.

Jose Silvestre Urzua Cause of Death

Jose Silvestre Urzua Cause of Death

Jose Silvestre Urzua’s exact cause of Death was the overconfidence which he had with the remaining of his team members that they would be able to catch the criminals within themselves and they won’t even need any help from the national army as they could easily get the information of the gang members through their means. During the situation in which they were facing the criminals, they were brutally number in that situation, and the number of arms that these individuals had was also very high, so it was very difficult for them to survive as he died in the incident and the remaining injured at a brutal manner.

Jose Silvestre Urzua Investigation Details

Exact Investigation Details of Jose Silvestre Urzua

No particular investigation into the death is needed as the Mexican national guard already has an overall mission of actually rusting life for all these individuals. They did not have any possibility to survive the incident and come back to life, so the Mexican Government has provided what they were supposed to provide to the family of the ones who are dead and to the individuals were enjoyed it as the treatment is going under the national government itself. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is the official zoo allowed the overall mission as it was not possible for 5 of these individuals to look forward to gaining information about searching for a great criminal gang, which was why they died.

Other Important Details

Other Important Details of the incident

The most important detail that needs to be kept in mind for the overall incident is that it has been something that the Mexican government could have avoided if they had sent much more arms to the place of the incident as the central state has become a violent place. Hence, Mexico needs to cut off the individuals who are working as criminals but need proper working for five individuals couldn’t stop a severe incidence of this type. There might be certain information available in the situation where the remaining four individuals get cured and come out to a state where they can provide information to the government. The government is looking forward to arranging a funeral for the person who has died, as it took a lot of courage for him to save the remaining members and die single-handedly.

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