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How did Lisa Oredia Died at 23? Tap to Know the Tragic Cause of Lisa’s Death!

Lisa Oredia

There are many searches about the death of the famous political figure Lisa Oredia. She was a member of the Sam Houston High School Community. Everyone is shocked after knowing the early demise of such a powerful young woman. Scroll down to know the cause of Lisa’s death. This article will take you to every piece of information you are wondering about.

Know about Lisa Oredia:

Lisa Oredia was a 23 years old young woman who took politics as her career. She had struggled a lot to achieve these heights in her political career. She inspired a lot of people through her confident nature and charming personality. Lisa always wanted to make a difference and prove the potential that Louisville had. She has made a very great impact on the people around her and her positive attitude led her to gain a lot in local politics. Her happy soul touched many hearts. She was an agent of change and her thoughts will be remembered forever. 

What could be the possible cause of Lisa Oredia’s death?

Lisa Oredia died on 20th November 2022 when she was only 23. News that shattered everyone. Lisa who was a Sam Houston High School alumna, Texas, died very soon. A Facebook post by her friend Sess SessleeCurls Cannon states ” She was in an accident and didn’t make it.” The post made it clear that Lisa died in a tragic car accident and that she couldn’t heal the injuries and lost all her hope. 

There is no other information regarding her death and hence we can only say that her death was due to an accident. There are no details regarding the accident and the injuries Lisa got. She was a very pure soul and her memory will stay in everyone’s heart forever. 

All about Lisa’s Funeral:

A campaign has been organized to raise funds for Lisa Oredia’s memorial service and funeral. GoFundMe is the name of the campaign that decided a minimal $5000 sum for the same. Till now 29 contributions have been made. One of the members of the campaign says that they are trying to raise funds for their beloved sister who died in a tragic car accident recently. They urge people for supporting them in this time of grief. A little contribution is more than enough for them. 

Condolence by her friend:

Lisa’s friend Sess wrote emotionally about the beautiful memories of her and Lisa. On the night of Lisa’s accident, she was coming back from the Friendsgiving celebration. She wrote how happy they were; dancing, praying and enjoying all together. Who knew that fun night would be the last one for Lisa? A happy night turned into a tragedy. 

Sess wrote about their last minutes together, “Last night when everyone left after we said our goodbyes and our “I love you’s” Lisa never made it home.” She then added that Lisa met with an accident and couldn’t make it. Her heart is completely broken and she is very emotional at the moment. Lisa was like a sister to her. 

She updated, “This week the salon will be closed so we can grieve the loss of our baby girl Lisa. Lisa Oredia we love you so much and you will always be our baby sister. Please keep us all in prayer and send prayers of comfort and peace to her family”

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