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Who is Madcap Moss Girlfriend? Check Who Is He Dating Right Now

Who is Madcap Moss Girlfriend

With Emma’s debut, the women’s roster of the WWE received another significant upgrade. On SmackDown, the former star of IMPACT Wrestling made a stunning comeback. This was another action taken by Triple H’s creative team to re-sign talented superstars who the business had previously let go. But Emma’s homecoming has helped her professionally and personally.

In 2012, Tenille Dashwood, better known as Emma, made her WWE NXT debut. It was well-respected for her to compete against Paige in the developmental arena. In addition, many people view this as the beginning of the Women’s Revolution movement. Santino Marella, a WWE legend, joined her in a team shortly after that. Additionally, she developed into a much more ruthless figure and a force to reckon with in the latter stages of her career.

Madcap Moss Check Who Is He Dating Right Now

However, Emma’s dreams of working for the WWE were dashed in 2017 when the organisation let her go. Later, she stepped into the independent circuit and Ring of Honor to compete for numerous promotions. Additionally, her three-year run in IMPACT Wrestling, where she faced off against wrestlers like Mickie James, Masha Slamovich, and Taylor Wilde, was seen as a career comeback for her.

Is there something developing between Emma and Madcap Moss?

On the SmackDown programme from October 28, 2022, Emma returned to the WWE. She returned in response to Ronda Rousey’s open challenge for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Despite falling to the Rowdy One, Emma’s return to the WWE is unquestionably a significant improvement to the women’s roster. It’s noteworthy to note, though, that she already has a relationship developing with a future SmackDown star.

On the SmackDown episode from November 11 that aired backstage, Emma was seen conversing with Shotzi. The 33-year-old inquired where Shotzi had seen Madcap Moss. The green-haired supermodel retorted that Emma might have a feeling for Moss.

But Emma and Madcap Moss are dating. The Australian actress has long been regarded highly by him, and he has referred to her as the foundation of the Women’s Revolution. Thanks to Triple H, the Chief Content Officer of the WWE, Madcap’s dream to see his actual girlfriend return to the WWE was granted.

Madcap Moss Net Worth

Madcap Moss is well-known as a former college football player and a professional wrestler in the United States. On October 11, 1989, Madcap Moss was born. 

Madcap Moss has had a very prosperous and widespread career. Madcap Moss has gained a lot of recognition. If you’re one of those people who are interested in Madcap Moss’s net worth, the information is provided below. Thesportslite estimates Madcap Moss’s net worth to be $4 million.

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