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Kim Som and Yun-o relationship, Ending of Somebody in Detail

Kim Som and Yun-o

Kim Som and Yun-o are one of the most important characters of the famous Korean crime thriller series, which is available on Netflix. The streaming services have directly come out of Asia, and the Korean movie has been delighted and has created a successful response. The overall series has received recognition and a lot of success across the entire format. This particular series consists of many thrills that must be discussed successfully. The overall storyline and details of the series have been very successful, and the introduction of the lead characters of the series with details about these characters has been very important. The series has created a proper impact on the life of the viewers.

Kim Som and Yun-o Ending Together

Does Kim Som and Yun-o end up together?

The relationship between the two lead characters of the series, Kim Som and Yun-o, has been developing throughout the entire storyline and continues in a very successful manner. Still, one of these characters, Yun-o, is a serial killer who continuously murders, and the investigation department police are getting closer to him to find out who he is, which creates difficulty in the relationship. Just when he directly confessed his feelings for Kim during that situation, he died unexpectedly with a hand cutting his eyes and neck and later, it was revealed that it was Kim Som who has killed Yun-o.

Somebody Series

Overall details of the Ending of Somebody

Somebody is a very famous and successful television series in Korea. It has created a proper impact on a very successful storyline throughout the entire series, making it the most famous and successful series of 2022. Throughout the entire storyline of the series, it is seen that the two lead characters are very suspicious, among which Yun-o is the one who is performing all sorts of killing activities. At the same time, Kim is unrelated to any of these things and has a simple personality. Still, by the end of the series, It is seen that Yun-o directly falls in love with Kim, but when the confession of the love is made, Kim directly brutally murders Yun-o.

Kim Som and Yun-o Police

Does Yun-o get caught by the police?

Yun-o continues the activities of modelling throughout the entire series. The police and investigation department continues to look forward to the criminal as to who exactly the criminal is and why he is performing these activities. That has been something that has created a lot of chaos as his very much perfect in the models. The police have never actually been able to catch him. During the situation when he was about to confess his activities, and he was confessing his feelings towards Kim, he wanted to continue his life cleanly, so he decided to confess his crimes, but during that situation, just when the police were about to catch him, he was killed by his lover Kim Som itself.

Kim Som and Yun-o Important Details Together

Other Important Details of Kim Som and Yun-o

Kim Som and Yun-o are the most important Characters of the overall television series. These characters have created a successful impact on the entire storyline of the series and have received a lot of same success throughout the entire series, and as the series continued, the viewers also received good recognition from the series whatever happened at the end of the series created a very fall impact and was something that has been a very famous thing and has got a lot of details to remember. The two characters bonded well throughout the entire storyline of the series, but as the ending of the series happened, it was very difficult to judge what exactly happened through the ending of the series.

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