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Victor Lupis Ex-Diamond Robber, Present Location Details

Victor Lupis

Victor Lupis is an original citizen of New York, and the details about him are available through his mother as his mother moved with his entire family to North Carolina before he completed senior High School. During that situation, he started selling different drugs when he was just 25 years of age, and he was also related to a group of thieves who were stealing diamonds from a store and jewellery stores. Stealing diamonds was one of the most important jobs of the entire group, and he was one of the group’s most important members. During a robbery which took place on the 15th of December 2010 in which, he robbed The diamond Store, and he was related to the entire robbery which took place, and he was the member of the group that created the entire incident.

Victor Lupis Ex-Diamond Robber

Ex-Diamond Robber Victor Lupis Where is he now?

Victor Lupis was working well in his life with all the false activities. Still, his life was in danger in the situation when an individual hired a Hitman to prevent him from testifying for an incident during that situation. He was arrested through an undercover operation, and his life for actually safe through the arrest. He ultimately served 22 months in prison. And he was also taken a relatively small penalty for the entire incident as whatever he did create a false incident. He is serving in prison, and his entire family is waiting for him. There are certain decisions about the entire incident that are supposed to be taken, and it is supposed to be decided shortly.

Who is Victor Lupis

Who is Ex-Diamond Robber Victor Lupis?

Victor Lupis is an original citizen of New York, and presently when he was supposed to study in his high school, he was transferred to North Carolina with his parents. While studying in high school, he began selling drugs when he was just 25 years of age. Also, during that situation, he was transferred to a group of thieves who were into stealing diamonds. He became a false individual during that situation and created proper success in his life that helped him gain recognition as a thief in the area. The group was well known for the activities they used to do, and as they were doing these activities, they became very popular for the false activities.

Important Details

Important Details of the Robbery

The Robbery occurred on the 15th of December 2010 at a jewellery store in Portland. The entire Group walked into the centre scenario, and the diamonds were held up in the office building with a total of 150 lakh United States dollars. The overall thing was very profitable for the entire group and created a proper impact. The identification of the leader of the group was made during the situation when the entire incident was caught on camera as this time, they wanted to go up for a big stealing process, and as the ceiling process initiated for a big amount of time, the creation of the process was very high. It created a false impact, so the entire situation made it very difficult for the community.

Details Victor Lupis

Details about Victor Lupis

Victor Lupis was a bad individual from a very long age during his high school days, he started to sell drugs at an unknown place, and when he joined the robbery team, the team was a very successful one. He was also related to different stealing across the entire city. The group was something that was feared by a lot of individuals as the identity was not discovered, and the incident will not be made. As the incident was becoming a violent thing for the entire area, the police individuals looked forward to investigating the matter, and the creation of the investigation took place at a certain man situation when Victor was arrested.

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