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Here Is All You Need To Know About Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo
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Yesterday, it was revealed that Anthony Rizzo has been signed by the New York Yankees to a 2-year deal worth $40 million assured with a $6 million buyout on a $17 million club option. Locking down Rizzo is crucial for the team’s future two seasons, according to general manager Brian Cashman.

Without Rizzo, the Yankees may have been in a difficult situation, particularly in light of the rumors that the Houston Astros were trying to add his services to their World Series-winning lineup. Losing their most important left-handed hitter and a defender who can compensate for any errors made by his other infielders would be difficult to replace. There isn’t a talent like Rizzo in the first base free agent class this year, and even though the Yankees have a player like DJ LeMahieu who can play first base, it would put more of the infield in danger. Rizzo’s inclusion provides the Yankees a tonne of flexibility when it comes to how they fill out the remainder of the roster.

LeMahieu may be moved to the chilly corner without worrying about the Yankees. They can now concentrate on other things, such as re-signing Aaron Judge, who is currently a free agent after being one of the key components of a roster with the ability to advance deep in the playoffs. Even though I’m sure many fans would prefer to see Judge re-signed sooner rather than later, the Yankees may have been better off locking up Rizzo so they could reassure the large right fielder during conversations that one of his close friends as well as a talented player was returning for another chance at a World Series berth. More importantly, the Yankees hope that their quick action in re-signing Rizzo will show Judge that they are committed to strengthening the entire roster in addition to just keeping Judge.

In addition to adding value to the Yankees’ lineup naturally, Rizzo’s decision to stay and sign with the Astros is a huge plus for obvious reasons. If he had initially chosen a different team, it would have been a difficult pill to swallow. But what if he departed for a team that was a major competitor of the Yankees and that defeated them in the American League Championship Series en route to a championship? That would be adding salt to an already wide-open sore.

Rizzo’s re-signing gives the Yankees greater roster flexibility and a significant left-handed power bat, but he also ensures that he won’t be facing them in any postseason matchups. He hit.276/.432/.552 with a wRC+ of 185 in the postseason this year, which is not a performance I believe the Yankees would choose to face.

Who is Anthony Rizzo

Source – New York Post

The Yankees have made a strong move overall, and this is a strong start to their offseason. There is still plenty to be done, but securing their first base position offers them lots of flexibility, retains a quality left-handed power hitter high in the order, and provides a stronger skill base for their major free agency priority to sign on to.

Rizzo has a significant impact on the fans and his squad despite just being a Yankee for a relatively brief period of time. In a clubhouse that wants to compete for a title, he is a crucial veteran voice. The hope is that he can carry on shining under the spotlights of Yankee Stadium after putting up some of his finest career numbers last season.

Anthony Rizzo: Net Worth

Anthony Rizzo is a well-known¬†professional baseball player from the United States who is valued $27 million. 1989 saw Anthony Rizzo’s birth in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In the 6th round of the 2007 MLB Draft, the Boston Red Sox selected him. Before playing for the San Diego Padres on June 9, 2011, he progressed through the Red Sox development system. He played with the Padres in 2011 before being dealt to the Chicago Cubs the following year. Rizzo has remained with the Cubs as of the fall of 2014.

In 2014, the year he won the Branch Rickey Award, given each year to an MLB player who has excelled in community service, he was selected for his first All-Star game. Since his family is of Sicilian descent and hails from the town of Ciminna, Rizzo chose to represent Italy with the national team at the 2013 World Baseball Classic. He was given a Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer diagnosis in May 2008, but he overcame it.

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