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Who is Helena Bonham Carter Husband? Here Is What We Know Of The Dating Life Of Actress Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter Husband

English actress Helena Bonham Carter is well recognized and has a long list of memorable performances to her credit. Her most recent performance in season 4 of The Crown as Princess Margaret certainly gained attention, establishing her as one of our greatest actors.

With two significant relationships with Hollywood heavyweights Kenneth Branagh and Tim Burton, Helena has a history of being attracted to creatively inclined men.

Here Is What We Know Of The Dating Life Of Actress Helena Bonham Carter

“Me and Ken was very different from me and Tim,” the actress told The Guardian in 2020. “You know, Ken avoided directing me once we were together because it can be complicated and I think he didn’t want — anyway, that’s all blood under the bridge.”

The details of Helena’s relationships, including her 13-year marriage to Kenneth and her 13-year relationship with Tim, are broken down below.

Kenneth Branagh: Who is he?

In the 1990s, Helen started dating Emmy-winning author, actor, producer, and director Kenneth Branagh. According to a 1988 L.A. Times article, the two first connected after “both participated in a poetry reading on a boat drifting down the Thames.” The two “never actually sat down and had a meaningful chat,” according to Helen, until she was selected for the 1993 film Frankenstein, which Kenneth both directed and starred in.

Kenneth divorced his ex-wife, the actress Emma Thompson, a year after the film’s 1995 debut, and he then started dating Helena. Although the precise sequence of events was unclear, many people felt that the beginning of Kenneth and Helena’s affair served as the impetus for Emma’s breakup.

The “love triangle” also had an intriguing Harry Potter connection because Kenneth, who played Gilderoy Lockhart, and Emma, who portrayed Professor Trelawny, were now connected to Helena, aka Bellatrix Lestrange!

Despite being well-known figures in Hollywood, the couple kept their romance under wraps, only announcing their union in June 1997. Helena said to reporters at the time, “Of course, we’re together, and it’s very nice, thank you.

Even though they had a wonderful relationship, they ultimately separated in 1999.

“I am very sad to confirm that Kenneth Branagh and I are no longer together,” Helena reportedly told the press at the time, clarifying that “the decision was mutual and no one else was involved.”

The two have continued to be cordial over the years even though they parted ways. Helena supported Kenneth at the film premiere of his movie Love’s Labour’s Lost a year after they split up. They then worked together artistically 15 years later, with Kenneth directing Helena in his live-action Cinderella adaption.

In 2003, Kenneth wed Lindsay Brunnock, an art director.

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