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Is M’Baku the new king of Wakanda?

Is M'Baku the new king of Wakanda

In the events of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever of the Marvel Studio, the most shocking revelation was the new king’s introduction. M’Baku was seen to be taking the place of Princess Shuri in the ceremonial duel at Warrior Falls in an attempt to become the new kind. Is he the new king, or is it leading to a new plot twist?

Is M’Baku the new king of Wakanda?

M'Baku the new king (1)
M’Baku is possibly the new king of Wakanda as he has proved himself to be the strongest of all the Wakandans. He has been courageous enough to challenge the throne and fight for it. Shuri has given him her blessing as she seems to understand that he’d make a wise leader compared to other potential leaders.
With the introduction of M’Baku, he did not come out as the most intelligent character, and more often, he was comical thanks to his dumb dialogues. Still, he ought to change into a different personality whenever he is serious. In Wakanda Forever, he proved that although he wasn’t the smartest, he was a charismatic leader who could stand the position to command.
All the character development poses towards his becoming a person suitable for the role of a king.

How did M’Baku replace Shuri?

M'Baku replace Shuri
We have seen that after Chadwick Boseman’s death, no one else left to be a king with royal blood as queen Ramonda died, and Princess Shuri had her struggles to deal with. A battle was called to find the new King of Wakanda, which is Wakanda’s traditional way of choosing a person strong enough to handle the weight of the throne. Shuri seemed to require more character development to ensure her capability to take the responsibilities of the throne.
The Wakandans had their eyes on Shuri to take the throne as she remained the only member with royal blood. As she was the Black Panther, she gave her blessings to M’Baku because he saw potential in him. This was why M’Baku could replace positions with Princess Shuri and become the king.

How does Endgame bring M’Baku closer to the throne?

M'Baku and Endgame

M’Baku initially seemed to be an antagonist in Wakanda Forever as he challenged King T” Challa for the throne. M’baku then seemed to go through some character development and reappeared and fought alongside T” Challa against Killmonger to stop the world from going into chaos. This particular decision of M’Baku signified that he understood and cared about what was suitable for the Wakandans over his ego, which should have prevented him from working under T” Challa. Even in Infinity War, he fought by T” Chala’s side against Thanos. The character changed entirely in Endgame, where he grew from his traditionalist mindset, which had restricted him to a narrow worldview. This change occurred as he witnessed Thanos’s incredible power and the world changing along with Thanos’s quest for the infinity stones. The series of events shifted his views and enlarged as universes changed, and he met with intergalactic personalities.

M’Baku after the Black Panther 2:

M'Baku after Balck Panther

M’Baku is to prove that he is a powerful Ally of Wakanda after the death of King T’Challa as he comes face to face with Namor the Sub-Mariner, the leader of the underwater kingdom of Talocan. He is to become an essential character in the multiverse conflict with Kang the Conqueror. He may also appear in Disney’s Black Panther spin-off series, which is centrally placed in Wakanda.

A little about Actor Winston Duke playing M’Baku:

M'Baku and Winston Duke
According to the Actor Winston Duke who has been playing the role of M’Baku, the character seemed pressured to catch up with the changing times. He has been forced to be a part of collective transparency. Duke thinks this is cool, as the audience sees a new dynamic side of M’Baku. Duke says that M’Baku has changed for good as he is not as insular anymore and has moved forward. He now has a wide lens of what’s happening around him and how much it impacts him.

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