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How Many People Did Charles Cullen Kill? The Complete Analysis of the Serial Killer

How Many People Did Charles Cullen Kill

While it is apparent that we often naively trust medical personnel when it comes to treatments, there are also unfortunate incidents of wickedness here. After all, there are the sagas of obstetrician Donald Cline and neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch, among many others, but it’s worse if a nurse has ulterior motives. That’s because, as depicted in ‘The Good Nurse,’ they virtually have access to every patient.

Who is Charles Cullen?

Who is Charles Cullen


According to The New York Times, Charles “Charlie” Cullen is a former nurse who killed approximately 30 people throughout his tenure. According to The Independent, Charles was born in West Orange, New Jersey, in 1960. According to the publication, his parents died, and he joined the US Navy. Cullen worked for sixteen years at various hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania from 1988 to 2003. In December 2003, he was captured for his crimes. Cullen had been married to Adrienne Taub.

How Many People Did Charles Cullen Kill?

It is suspected that instead of helping people as if it were his profession, Charles may have killed 400 innocent people between the ages of 21 and 91 before his arrest in December 2003. This figure is calculated by taking into account his years of “service” and his police and psychiatrist interviews, making him the most prolific serial murderer in history. Concerning his motivations, the nurse claimed he was overdosing patients to save them from further agony, suffering, and hospital dehumanization, despite many already being on the mend. During this time, he worked at nine New Jersey and Pennsylvania places.

How did Charles Cullen Kill His patients?

How did Charles Cullen Kill His patients


According to, Cullen killed victims by infusing deadly dosages of insulin and cardiac medicines into their IV bags. According to the news organization, he traveled from hospital to hospital in Pennsylvania and was fired. Amy the Good Nurse, Loughren’s website, claims to send him on to resume his killing spree.” According to the Times, Cullen was accused of the murder of 29 persons. Some estimates place the number of his victims closer to 400.

How many people did Charles Cullen admit to murdering?

According to sources, although Charles has formally admitted to murdering up to 40 people during his nearly two-decade career, only 29 of them have been proven. The patient’s pre-existing ailments and the (then) lack of lengthy, history-driven internal reviews, which rendered him practically invincible for a while, are the two most significant causes for this. That’s not to say his strange behavior didn’t raise suspicions, get him fired, or spark investigations; it did, at least not until the fall of 2003. At least five patients were killed, and he allegedly attempted to kill two more, only to be offered a deal by the hospital to depart with a neutral recommendation.

Charles Cullen’s Criminal Records:

Charles then served time at Medical Center, claiming he didn’t kill before admitting to five patients in 1996. He later worked at Morristown’s Memorial Hospital before being sacked due to poor performance, which led him to Allentown’s Liberty Nursing + Rehabilitation Center and another murder. The nurse later worked at Easton Hospital in Pennsylvania before going to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest, where he murdered one more patient daily. Charles began a three-year term at Bethlehem’s St. Luke’s Hospital in 1999. The nurse’s final place of employment was Somerville’s Somerset Medical Center, where he killed 13 patients; they were the ones who eventually contacted the proper authorities after seeing his wrongdoings.

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