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How did Paul Stoddard die? What was Paul Stoddard’s Cause of Death?

Paul Stoddard die

Death is the biggest pain in the world. Losing our loved ones in front of our eyes will take half of our hearts and memories with them. It is unbearable. The parents losing their children, the children losing their parents, and the common person losing their loved ones is horrible. God has to give special strength to everyone to bear all such losses in life. 

One such heart-devastating news is about the death of Paul Stoddard, the frontman for Boston metalcore legends Diecast. 

Who is Paul Stoddard?

Paul Stoddard was in the position of frontman for Boston metalcore legends Diecast. He started his career by joining Diecast in 2003. He has made many contributions, including Internal Revolution in 2006 and Tearing Down Your Blue Skies in 2004. They are the most breaking records done by Paul Stoddard. When he joined Diecast, he replaced Colin Schleifer. 

Paul Stoddard, the frontman for Boston metalcore legends Diecast, died due to illness on October 25, 2022.

The most famous person for Diecast, Paul Stoddard, had given the shocking news to all people. Paul Stoddard died on October 25, 2022, and the message had been shared by the drummer of Diecast, Dennis Pavia. The news shared by them is about the death of Paul Stoddard. As it goes, “I’m at a complete loss for words and completely crushed. “You’re a bandmate, a friend, a brother. A thousand band/tour memories and stories went through my head in a fraction of a second as I was writing this, from recording to traveling all over the place, arguing to laughing hysterically.

Paul Stoddard Cause of Death:

According to the sources, the cause of the death of Paul Stoddard is his illness. He was admitted to the hospital some days and was given treatments because he was retaining the fluid. And also, he was in a coma; support was given to him with the help of a ventilator. But, unfortunately, his kidney stopped functioning, and the heart stopped working. And he took his last breath and died. 

As per the reports, it is very clear that the cause of the death of Paul Stoddard is his illness. Since he had suffered for a long time, he could not fight against it and lost his life. 

Memories of Paul Stoddard:

After knowing the death of Paul Stoddard, Near and his friends are sharing their memories and condolences to his Family. 

Craig Stoddard posted:

I can’t believe I’m posting this. With deep sorrow, I announce the passing of my Brother and best friend, Paul Michael Stoddard Paul M Stoddard. He was a great man with many talents, a truly kind soul, and a friend of many, but most of all, he was also a great family man; he loved his Family with a burning passion. He loved and cared about every one of us. 

Paul’s personality was indeed one of a kind, always smiling and cracking jokes; he was truly the party’s life. He would also be there when we were in a time of need and help out in any way he could. I will miss the times we would hang out, but I don’t miss the times he kicked my butt in madden, LOL. But In all seriousness, I cherished the times we had. Those were some good times, man. 

It sucks losing him, but I’m glad he’s no longer in pain. Paul, it’s been an honor to be brothers with you. I love you, man, and tell dad I said hello.

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