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Know all Details about George Farmer Wife Candace Owen

George Farmer Wife Candace Owen

An employee of a hedge fund with an education from Oxford University, George Farmer, is roughly 31 years old, according to The Sun. His father, Michael Stahel Farmer, alias Baron Farmer, is a former Conservative Party treasurer and current member of the UK House of Lords. George has two younger brothers, and Jennifer Potts is his mother. George studied theology, but it was evident that he had a political interest since, up until April 2019, he worked as head of the right-wing political organization Turning Point UK. The initial US section of the organization’s movement employed his future wife, Candace Owens, as its communications director until that same year.

Candace Owens' husband becomes CEO of Parler as it returns to Apple App Store | The Independent

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The Parler CEO, author, and political pundit Owens have been married since 2019. After meeting in December 2018, just 17 days later, the pair got engaged. Given his engagement in Brexit, Farmer was interested in Owen’s Blexit campaign, so they connected through Turning Point. They are now parents to a son (born in January 2021) and a girl after George proposed through FaceTime (born in July 2022). At his Yeezy season 9 fashion presentation in early October, Owens wore a shirt with Ye’s contentious White Lives Matter message, which she endorsed.

Who is Candace Owen?

Candace Owens is a conservative political activist and pundit from the United States. The Democratic Party and the international activist organization “Black Lives Matter” (BLM), which was founded in the African-American community and advocates against systematic racism and brutality against black people, are among the targets of her pro-Trump criticism and critical position. She launched the website and YouTube channel “Red Pill Black” to promote the US political and social movement and advocate for black conservatism. She held the position of CEO of “Degree180” and founded, a website intended to combat cyberbullying but which was ultimately scrapped. Between 2017 and 2019, she provided assistance to the American conservative non-profit Turning Point USA. She joined the company as the director of urban engagement and then became the director of communications. To persuade African Americans to defect from the Democratic Party and join the Republican Party, she started the Blexit movement. She was featured on many far-right conspiracy websites, including InfoWars, but after finding mainstream fame, she distanced herself from these sites. On the YouTube channel of the American nonprofit organization PragerU, she is the host of the Candace Owens Hour show.

Candace Owens: Life and Career of Black Pro-Trump Activist

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Candace Owen Activism

Candace previously stated that she was uninterested in politics. She first described herself as a liberal, but in 2017 she began defining herself as a conservative Trump supporter. In the end, she became well-known in conservative circles for her commentary supporting Donald Trump as well as for denouncing leftist discourse on issues like identity politics, systemic inequality, and structural racism. She is renowned for criticizing BLM as well.

She began posting films with a political tone on YouTube in 2017. In an effort to further black conservatism in the US, she later launched the website and YouTube channel “Red Pill Black.” At the MAGA Rally and Expo in Rockford, Illinois, on November 21, 2017, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk announced her hiring as director of urban engagement. Candace was admitted into the organization following claims of racism against Turning Point. Later, in May 2019, Candace announced her resignation from the company as director of communications. Meanwhile, some of Kanye West’s supporters laughed at a tweet he posted in April 2018 when he said he loved how Candace thinks. In the following month, President Donald Trump issued a statement claiming that Candace, who stands for an expanding population of very intelligent “thinkers,” had a significant influence on US politics.

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