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Holy Family (2022) Ending explained – What happens to Gloria?

Holy Family (2022) Ending explained

Holy Family is a very famous Spanish Television drama series that eventually revolves around a single mother who has a very secretive past related to her and also around various people who are related to her in a circle. Particular details about her are mentioned in the entire city, and how a single mother has to fight with different problems to build the life of a child is discussed in the entire series. The oral series has been very famous and successful and has received a very successful response from not only the general audience but the overall critical response of the series is also very successful. The only flaw with the series is that there has been a problem with the fans understanding the ending, which is to be explained to them.

Holy Family Ending

Ending Details Explained about the Holy Family

By the end of the series, it can be very well depicted that Aitana does not want to run away with Gloria by any chance and also ask Abel to come with her, but he says that he cannot abandon his mother, so they leave a letter for her and leave. At the end of the series, Marco’s funeral is the situation when everyone overcomes the grief, and there has been Madrid looks forward to his son and all gain proper details about him. The ending of the series was a bit confusing, but it gained proper recognition and success. It was seen that in the situation in which Santi died while saving Aitana from drowning, Natalia was supposed to move away with the help of her father, but that didn’t happen, and that was the major twist in the ending of the series.

Holy Family Plot

Overall Plot Summary of the Holy Family

The Holy family is a famous Spanish television series that has received good recognition in terms of the plot and storyline, and the plot of the series has become very successful in the past few days. The significant storyline of the series is related to a single mother struggling with her baby. Apart from that, the story of the family hiding a shocking secret in Madrid can affect the entire City. It can be seen in the plot of the series that new storylines are being formed. Also, there are new and complicated plants about the past that begins to catch up with the new form of dealings in the entire series, which makes the overall series very famous and happening.

Holy Family Plan of Abel

Plan of Abel in the Holy Family

Abel is a very important character in the series, and it is seen in the series that he has been making very important decisions that have affected the overall storyline of the series, and that is one of the major reasons why the decisions he further takes are very important. He visits the place where German is side up, and he also admits that the only thing really about their life is their connection. German also tells him to kill him and not leave any loose ends in the situation. The situation becomes a bit complicated, and it is seen that he frees German due to a certain reason. He returns home to his mother, tells her everything as soon as possible, and escapes the situation.

Critical Response of the series

Overall Critical Response and Reviews to the Movie

The lead production house of the series is Netflix, and Netflix successfully looks forward to the production of the series in such a manner that it receives a lot of recognition and success from the audience. The overall series has been very successfully reviewed by the audience and the critics, as it has an overall IMDb rating of 8.2 out of 10. The series and its episodes have also been rated very successful, so it received good recognition and success. The critics have also rated the series in positive man and said that the overall making of the series is very positive and successful.

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