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Who is Jay Cutler Girlfriend? Jay Cutler’s Toxic Relationship with Girlfriend and Ex-Wife

Who is Jay Cutler Girlfriend

“Love is complicated” the statement goes well with Jay Cutler’s high-profile love in relationships. Jay Christopher Cutler is a former American football player who often makes headlines for his personal yet complicated life. Recently the former was spotted seen dating Jana Kramer an American singer and actress. Speculations are made that this was just a show-off to make Cutler’s wife Kristin Cavallari jealous.

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler’s Toxic Relationship with wife Kristin Cavallari


Not every love story has a happy ending and the former couple’s story is one of them. The couple had been in a relationship for a decade experiencing the ups and downs are finally in a state of divorce. The picture-perfect couple was experiencing marital issues resulting in the separation of two. Cases have been filled for the custody of their children. Allegations like cheating, unhealthy relations, and many more were made by both parties. Finally, the couple go divorced in 2020 and the agreement of joint custody of their children was made. The couple was often seen together dating secretly after their divorce. Recently Cavallari claims that Jay is obstructing her from buying a new property and also refuses to leave their current house. Kristin in an interview had also said that their marriage was “Toxic” and they were in an unhealthy relationship. she does not want that her kids will think that their marriage is good, they should know the reality.

Cutler’s Current Affair

As per sources, the former sportsman was dating Jana Kramer an American actress and singer. Kramer was previously in a relationship with Mike Caussin. Their marriage lasted for 6 years . The couple got divorced in April 2021 with two children. It might be a coincidence or planned that when Kristin started dating again with her ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti, soon after Cutler started dating Kramer. People thought that it might be a showoff to Jealous Kristin. Inside sources also revealed that Kristin had also said to some of her close friends that their relationship does not work anymore.

Jay Cutler


Recently Kramer had also made allegations that the name of Cutler’s beer company was suggested by her for which she got no credits. For now, Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler’s brief dating has ended. Recently the actress is dating John Mayer . Recently Kristin also reveals that she secretly dated her ex-husband after the divorce to confirm that her decision was right. The actress also said that if she didn’t have kids with Jay she would never talk to him again.

Jay Cutler’s Career

Cutler as a quarterback played in the National Football League for 12 seasons primarily with the Chicago Bears. According to the experts, Cutler was ranked as the third-best quarterback in the 2006 NFL draft after Matt Leinart and Vince Young. In 2017 Cutler retired after being released by Chicago.

The net worth of Jay Cutler

The Former quarterback brought down his net worth from his remarkable career of 12 seasons playing in the National Football League. The former net worth is estimated to be $30 million. Cutler was the highest-paid quarterback in 2014 with a salary of $22.5 million.

The net worth of Kristin Cavallari

Laguna beach star enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle which she grabbed from her reality show stardom. Kristin has her own personal brand “Uncommon James” bringing $ 20 million in revenue. As per reports the star earns $20000 to $25000 per public appearance. His estimated net worth of Kristin in 2022 is $25 million.

The net worth of Jana Kramer

As a well-known established actress, Jana Kramer is so popular and famous. Her income was brought up by her acting career. As per knowledge, the actress’s net worth is estimated to be $ 4 million.

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