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Hidden Secret In The New Season of ‘Heaven’s Official Blessing’

Heaven's Official Blessings
Some spoilers in the new season of 'Heaven's Official Blessings'. (Photo: YouTube)

Author MXTX, well known for his work on the BL anime Mo Dao Zu Shi, initially wrote Heaven’s formal benediction as part of his series of black-and-white novels known as the “Wuxia” series.

Heaven's Official Blessings

Some spoilers in the new season of ‘Heaven’s Official Blessings’. (Photo: YouTube)

PLOT of ‘Heaven’s Official Blessings’

For Heaven’s Official Blessing, the first season began with an extra episode. Former human Xie Lian elevated to the rank of God thanks to his heroic acts on behalf of mankind over 800 years ago. He used to be rather well-known until he saw the horrors of war and made the decision to return to Earth. Because of this, he is a fallen deity with practically little spiritual power, even if he preaches non-violence.

While ascending for the third time as a God of garbage and misery, he encounters a red-clothed man named San Lang. Xie Lian’s background is linked to this mystery stranger. Together with two other angelic cops, they begin their investigation and search for ghosts.

Spoilers in the New Season

For those who haven’t yet seen the trailer or teaser for Season 2, Hua Cheng as the King of the Ghost Town, where Xie Lian and the Wind God sneak in to investigate a case, is sure to be an exciting new addition to the series. San Lang and Xie Lian had already had a special episode, the 12th, prior to this. This episode shed light on the dynamics of their romance as well as their enigmatic background. When it comes to San Lang, Emperor Pei and the Crown Prince are skeptical of his actions.

They believe that San Lang is a member of the Ghost King, also known as the Crimson Rain Sought Flower, Hua Cheng. When you think about it, why would the Ghost King be willing to assist Xie Lian construct his temple? Meanwhile, the Crown Prince, Xie Lian, is given instructions to look into this issue and travels to the Ghost City with the Wind God, who has the ability to change his gender at will. There are several ghosts and strange characters that Xie Lian encounters in the town, which leads him to a person he later knows is Hua Cheng beneath the veil of the city.