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Here’s What Happened in the Ending of the ‘Top Boy’ Season 2, All You Need To Know

After a lengthy hiatus, Top Boy returned to Netflix in March for season four. New episodes included plenty of gang violence, cover-ups, and major plot twists for fans to enjoy.

Top Boy

Here’s what happened in the ending of the ‘Top Boy’. (Photo: Deadline)

‘Top Boy’ Season 4

With Dushane savoring his triumph in Season 4, the second season of the series produced by Netflix, the show starts. After defeating Jamie in a bloody gang battle in the previous season, Dushane is now well-off and on the verge of leaving the gangland life that has been his sole home for so long.

The Summerhouse team has been betrayed by Dris, who was killed by Sully in season three, and Sully is still suffering from the trauma of the death. Jamie, on the other hand, isn’t faring any better. If he is found guilty, he may face up to 15 years in prison. He is innocent of the other charges.

Because of this, Dushane is in a position to clear Jamie of the weapons accusation, but like with everything else in Top Boy, Jamie will have to pay a heavy price to get his hands on this favor. While Jamie promised to be faithful to Dushane if he provided him with CCTV proof that would exonerate him of the crime, he isn’t fast to follow through.

Here’s the Explanation of the Ending of ‘Top Boy’

To his surprise, Dushane begins to look forward to a peaceful and prosperous future after defeating one of his previous adversaries. Dushane still wants to live off the bloody drug money he earned from his criminal career and hopes to invest it in Summerhouses so that he has a respectable income. Well, the reasonably straight and narrow.

Dushane will have to devise a strategy to keep his shipments flowing even if his contact in the criminal underworld decides to leave him. It takes Jamie roughly five minutes to realize a well-timed treachery may put money in his own pocket when Sully rejects him. When his niece requests for help resolving a gang feud of her own, Sully returns from his hermit-style retirement. Dushane rescues Sully after he is assaulted and kidnapped.

Jamie’s closest buddy Kit orders Dexter to beat Ats and bring him down a peg, but Dexter goes over and above and kills him. Dushane is enraged and instructs Jamie to murder Kit, a move that would eliminate another opponent and put Jamie under his control for the rest of the story. In a shocking twist, Sully kills Jamie with three shots as the estate begins to seem more stable. In addition, there is a scenario.