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Uzumaki Anime: How To Watch?

Junji Ito is one of the greatest names in Japanese horror and a master of dread, as fans of his celebrated mangas can confirm. That’s why in 2019, when a new version of one of his most beloved works was revealed, there was so much buzz instantly.

Uzumaki Anime

Release date of Uzumaki Anime. (Photo: CBR)

In Case You Don’t Know Uzumaki

Kurouzu-cho is the setting for this manga adaptation, which is set in the same little village. At first, Kirie Goshima is unaware that her boyfriend’s father is looking intently at a snail shell in a peaceful village. Spirals have supposedly infested the village of Kurouzu-cho, according to her partner. The spiral curse eventually becomes lethal, slowly driving everything and everyone insane.

Release Date of Uzumaki Anime

The anime version of Uzumaki will debut in October 2022, it has been revealed. It’s not clear when Uzumaki’s release will be scheduled. Adult Swim’s Toonami program is expected to air the series first before it is distributed abroad, including in Japan.

Where To Watch Uzumaki Anime

Adult Swim’s Toonami programming block will originally show Uzumaki. Then, it’s planned to air in Japan and be accessible on Crunchyroll for overseas fans. There is little information available about when Uzumaki will be televised, owing to past hiccups and the looming debut date. Since the adaptation was first revealed at Crunchyroll Expo in 2019 and the streaming service has continued to provide updates ever since, it is probable that the platform will be distributed outside of Adult Swim’s territories in the future. The series will only consist of four episodes, as previously promised. To now, there is no word on how long these segments will last.