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Ozark Season 4: Spoiler Alert!

As “Ozark” rushes toward its deadly climax, the drama series unveiled a new and horrifying enemy for Marty and Wendy Byrde (Jason Bateman and Laura Linney), the money-laundering couple at the core of the show’s crime and violence.


Things you need to know before watching Ozark. (Photo: FOX)

Spoiler Alert!

Work for Omar Navarro, the Mexican cartel’s brutally calculating commander, but they’re also always at risk of losing their own lives. Omar’s nephew Javier “Javi” Elizondro, on the other hand, maybe the most dangerous of their number.

To go to the top of the cartel ladder, Javier is relentlessly ambitious and ferocious in his desire to personally kill bystanders, opponents, and even unfortunate local sheriffs. Alfonso Herrera, a Mexican actor who previously featured on Netflix’s “Sense8” and Fox’s “The Exorcist,” was cast as the Byrdes’ archenemy.

The second half of “Ozark’s” final season, which Netflix has divided into two seven-episode portions, is expected to feature him prominently when it airs later this year. When Variety interviewed Herrera, the “Ozark” star explained why Javi may be on a collision path with Marty, Wendy and anybody else who would stand in his way, as well as how he brought Javi to scary life.

Who is Javi?

Javier aspires to create something more substantial and forward-looking. Until recently, Omar has been running his firm in a very traditional manner. Neither Javier nor Omar are fazed by the idea of destroying their previous lives in order for them to achieve their goals. With the U.S. government, he’d want to take a step back. Wanting attention, Javier is eagerly waiting for it. He’s determined to leave his mark. That’s why he’s so threatening.

He feels more at ease in his own skin since he is conscious of the power he now wields. He has a frightening presence about him. It’ll be fascinating to watch how it plays out in the second half. Observing how he interacts with other characters will be intriguing. We’ll also get to see more of his bond with his mother. It’s hardly mentioned in the first act, but it’s going to become clearer and more significant later on.