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Here’s Why Tax Refunds Will Be Delayed This Year, IRS Warns

Tax refunds for the year 2021 delays as the International Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a warning.

Tax refund

The IRS postponed the filing of 2020 tax returns last year until February 12, 2021.

International Revenue Service (IRS)

The IRS warned that the Tax refunds will be delayed this year. In a published recent report on U.S Sun, the IRS postponed the filing of 2020 tax returns last year until February 12, 2021. These postponement orders give the agency more time to evaluate its systems and add extra programming to avoid refund delays.

Meanwhile, beginning this week, the IRS will accept tax returns, allowing Americans to file theirs immediately. According to the IRS, Americans will receive an average tax refund of $42,775 in 2021, up 11% over the previous year.

Furthermore, IRS says that the quickest way to collect a refund is to file a tax return electronically and choose direct deposit. The possibility of a refund check being lost, stolen, or returned to the IRS as undeliverable is eliminated with direct deposit.

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Tax Refunds delays

According to the current report of MakeIt, taxpayers requesting the Recovery Rebate Credit in order to collect their stimulus money was one of the most prevalent processing snafus last year. Even if taxpayers’ e-file employees must manually review these inaccuracies.

In the recently published report of CBS News, errors such as math issues or erroneously declaring how much you received through advanced Child Tax Credit payments. For example, could cause your tax return to flag, resulting in weeks or even months of delays.

The IRS is delivering letters to individuals who received the third federal stimulus check in 2021, as well as advanced Child Tax Credit payments, this month. These letters will tell each taxpayer what they received in 2021 as a result of these programs.

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