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Update on Stimulus Checks: States and Cities Offer a Payout of Up To $12,000

For many advocates, the ultimate goal is a universal basic income ( UBI) which would provide cash transfer programs to all individuals.

Offering Universal Basic Income.


US Citizens Strong Desire for a Universal Basic

The Universal Basic Income


The government provides the individual with a set of monthly payments known as Universal Basic Income. Researchers are testing guaranteed income systems in cities around the country; from Compton, California, to Richmond, Virginia, in order to gain a better picture of what occurs when a wide spectrum of people are provided payments that ensure a basic living, according to the Associated Press.

The Trial initiative which is sponsored by private donations will provide a $500 monthly boost to 100 county residents earning less than $46,900 per year for a year. The income cutoff was set at 80% of the county’s average median income, which covers both poor and segments of middle-class people who are struggling financially but would not otherwise qualify for government assistance based on their income.

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Providing Assistance to Those in Need boosts the Economy

Americans who are eligible should apply for universal basic income schemes in their local or state. Accepted participants receive a specific amount of money for a set length of time through government-run programs. In many circumstances, there are no restrictions on how the money is spent. Its supports argue that it aids in getting people back on their feet. Opponents of universal basic income plans argue that it makes for people to find work.

Most basic income schemes worldwide focus on cities, but this upstate initiative covers a variety of locations, including a city, smaller villages, and rural areas far from bus lines and supermarkets. ” I think there is a great opportunity there, ” Ulster County Executive Patrick Ryan told the Associated Press. “Demonstrating that this is strategy will work not only in the metropolitan region but also in rural sections of the country, which is one of our major national issues.


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