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Israel Reports First Case of Combined Flu and Coronavirus Infection

An unvaccinated woman in Israel tested positive for a new disease caused by a combination of influenza virus and coronavirus in what doctors have dubbed the “flurona.” Experts are now investigating the new variant to know whether it can cause more serious illness. They are expecting to see other patients with this merged disease, although they have to confirm first their findings.


influenza and coronavirus

Israel detected the first case of ‘flurona,’ which is a combination of influenza and coronavirus. (PHOTO: Mashable SE Asia)


Flurona Case Detected in Israel

Israel has just approved a fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose for people over 60 years old and healthcare workers, Firstpost reported. This decision came after the first case of flurona was detected in the country.

Firstpost cited major Israeli news and general content website Ynet which reported that the double infection came from a woman who went into labor at Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva. Doctors said that the unvaccinated young woman was feeling well and will be discharged later in a few days.

Obstetrics and gynecology specialist Professor Arnon Vizhnitser, the head of the hospital’s gynecology department, said that the woman was diagnosed with both influenza and coronavirus as soon as she arrived as both tests for the viruses came back positive.

Dr. Nahla Abdel Wahab from Cairo University Hospital said that the new flurona disease could indicate a major disease that will likely weaken the immune responses as two types of viruses infect the human body at the same time.

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Symptoms of Flurona

Since flurona is a new disease, experts have not outlined yet the exact list of symptoms linked to the merged disease. According to Daily Express, both are viruses that cause diseases that fall in the same bracket and infect the upper respiratory tract. Based on the information from Israel, the new disease can be mild but cause difficulty breathing.

But experts said that it could also display coronavirus-like symptoms, such as high temperature, continuous cough, and loss or change of the sense of smell or taste. Experts advise to immediately self-isolate and get a PCR test if exposed to the virus, especially when symptoms start to appear.

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