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Paid Family Leave is Likely To Be Jeopardized Over Lack of Support from Manchin

the paid family leave program is likely to be jeopardize from the social policy bill at Manchin’s urging (Photo Yahoo)

Manchin is being pressured by Gillibrand and other colleagues to back the paid family leave.

Sen. Joe Manchin Has Pushed back Against the Paid Family Leave

Sen. Joe Manchin, one of two Senate Democrats who aim to chip away at Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan, is in opposition to include the four weeks of paid family and medical leave. The provision just presented to compromise to the 12 weeks Biden initially proposed. Monday, Manchin was asked whether if he had any trouble regarding the paid leave proposal, Manchin acknowledge the question and answered “I’m concerned about an awful lot of things.” Moreover, Manchin’s hot statements were resealed right after  Biden said paid leave had been curtailed but not eliminated.

Manchin is Being Pressured

In an effort by Manchin’s colleagues to advance the proposal for a universal paid leave program in a Democratic-only bill, his party aims to pass through Congress without GOP support and ask for a bipartisan basis. But some of the Democrats, particularly those who struggle to look support for similar proposals and don’t want to pass this great opportunity, are not giving up and they are placing the pressure on him.

Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), an advocate to the paid family leave, said at a press on Thursday “My word to my colleague is if you ever want to cross the needs of your low-income employee and your middle-income employee, who are likely never to work at a fancy company that can afford paid leave, this is the time to deliver it for them,”

Furthermore, Gillibrand said the reporters that she is negotiating with Manchin to ensure that paid family leave stays in the bill  and hoping that Manchin will open his mind to understand the essential to work parents and working families all across America

Advocacy groups have to commend the proposed program, said it could be transformative for millions of American workers who don’t have access to paid family leave or sick leave benefits. previously the Democrats escalated to provide up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave in their massive bill, but it was down to four weeks and then later ended the plan entirely after Manchin’s opposition.