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Essential and Non-essential Foreign Travelers are Required to be Fully Vaccinated Upon Entering the U.S Boarders

President Joe Biden and his administration taking the first steps toward requiring all foreign travelers essential or non-essentials to be fully vaccinated upon entering any U.S. state effectively by January 22, a senior administration official said Tuesday.

Only fully vaccinated travelers are allowed to enter the US boarders (Photo Iata)

All foreign travelers essential or non-essentials requires to be fully vaccinated upon entering any U.S. state effectively by January 22.

The 14-day Quarantine is Lifted but Foreign Nonessential Travelers are Required to be Fully Vaccinated

A White House official told Reuters, the United States is working on having a new system ready for reopening the borders for travelers “A phased approach that over time will means, with delimited exceptions, that foreign nationals traveling to the United States (from all countries) are required to be fully vaccinated.”

There is no quarantine requirement, but airlines will collect data for the contact tracing. Furthermore, the airlines will also be the primary enforcers for the testing and vaccination requirements. The new mandate of the Biden administration is to lift the 14-day quarantine for travelers but it requires them to be fully vaccinated.

In addition, those individuals need to test negative within three days of departure. The implementation was announced early this month of November. Moreover, it also includes the ordinance that unvaccinated Americans will need to provide proof of a negative coronavirus test taken no more than 24 hours prior to departure.

The U.S will accept any of the authorized emergency vaccines used by the World Health Organization even if they are not cleared in the U.S.

Essential Travelers

President Joe Biden requires all nonresident essential travelers to be fully vaccinated prior to entering the U.S borders such as truck drivers, government and emergency response officials by January, 22.

However, essential travels in and out of the U.S states have continued largely unimpeded but the administration is currently working and developing the policy to process the preparation when the time is right for the transition to this new system.