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How to Lose Belly Fat? Here Are 6 Tips for a Flatter Stomach

Belly fat or visceral fat is a nuisance that makes clothes feel tight and is a major risk factor for serious health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Although losing this fat is difficult, experts have found some ways to get rid of it and keep a flatter stomach for a healthier body.

losing belly fat

Jersey-based nutritionist Pippa Campbell told the news outlet, The Sun, that learning to manage stress is vital to health and in losing visceral fat. (Photo: Northwest Community Healthcare)

What You Need to Know About Belly Fat

According to Harvard Health Publishing, the fat that developed in the abdominal area is largely visceral. Usually, where fat ends up in the body is influenced by several factors, like hormones and genes.

Scientists suggest that visceral fat is biologically active. Although experts are still deciphering the roles of hormones in the accumulation of fat, it is common knowledge that belly fat disrupts the normal balance and functioning of these hormones.

They explained that visceral fat pumps out cytokines that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. More so, they have a deleterious effect on sensitivity to insulin, blood pressure, and blood clotting.

But what makes it seriously harmful is because it is located near the portal vein that carries blood from the intestine to the liver, which could influence the production of blood lipids that may also lead to serious health conditions.

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6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Jersey-based nutritionist Pippa Campbell told the news outlet, The Sun, that learning to manage stress is vital to health and in losing visceral fat. She gave six tips on how to lose belly fat, emphasizing treating the root cause through stress management and reducing carbs:

  • Get enough sleep to control stress hormones
  • Cut on sugar and carbs
  • Exercise or engage in physical activities
  • Snack wisely by avoiding highly-processed foods
  • Eat fiber-rich foods
  • Limit alcohol intake

The bottom line is, successfully adapting to these six tips will help in losing belly fat and improve health.

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