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Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Here are the States With the Highest Number of Cases

November is lung cancer awareness month. A survey data from the new Lung Health Barometer of the American Lung Association showed that only 36% of people are aware of lung cancer screening, and only 29% know that lung cancer is one of the leading types of cancer killer.

lung cancer

Lung cancer awareness month (Photo source: GETTY)

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Fox 21 News recently reported that out of the 4,000 Americans the 2021 Lung Health Barometer surveyed, only 10% of adults understand that lung cancer is one of the most likely cancers that affect women, and only 35% know that it is one of the most likely types of cancer to affect men.

In an effort to increase public awareness of lung cancer, the association has planned to share its new resources throughout the month of November.

These resources include a webinar of recordings of the program Lung Cancer Patient Meetup on the Go, presentation of inspiring stories from patients, as well as lifesaving lung cancer screening information. While the State of Lung Cancer Report is also due for release on November 16.

States With the Most Number of Lung Cancer Cases

The American Cancer Society estimated that there are about 235,700 new cases in the US of which 119,100 are men and 116,660 are women. They also estimated about 69,410 deaths in men, while 62,470 deaths in women, which totals to 131,800 deaths.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified the states with the highest number of lung cancer deaths, which include Kentucky (53.5%), West Virginia (50.8%), Mississippi (49.6%), Arkansas (47.4%), and Oklahoma (46.8%). On the other hand, Utah (16.4%), New Mexico (22.5%), Colorado (23%), DC (24.6%), and California (25%) have the lowest rates.