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Walmart Knows What You’re Stealing; Retail Giant Catches Thieves Through This Video [WATCH]

Walmart employees may catch thieves red-handed if consumers attempt to steal products, a popular TikTok video claims. If a consumer is found stealing, Walmart may or may not file a lawsuit against the offender.

MIAMI, FL – NOVEMBER 24: Walmart employees can see customers stealing products at self-checkout. In this representational image, Jaime Vado fixes a display in the aisle at a Walmart store as they prepare for Black Friday shoppers on November 24, 2015 in Miami, Florida. Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving, is known as the first day of the Christmas shopping season and most retailers offer special deals on the day. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

TikTok Explains How Walmart Catch Thieves

TikTok user @rejeanlevell warns Walmart customers in his video to stop stealing from the store’s self-checkout machines. According to Levell’s footage, Walmart installed a camera above the check-out device. The American retail company would display the thief’s photo showing the action on all screens if the camera recorded the crime.

The video has more than 640,000 likes and around 14,700 comments as of this writing. However, in a follow-up video, Levell demonstrates that products purchased are not examined after the transaction. This simply implies that after stealing at Walmart, burglars may quickly flee.

Levell has more than 66,000 followers on TikTok and over a million likes. His material consists mainly of travel tips and general information. Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time the retail behemoth has shown how to capture burglars.

Newsweek said a Walmart employee also posted a TikTok video demonstrating that employees know when customers steal from self-checkout machines. It’s a common misconception that it’s a blind spot, but it’s not.

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Walmart personnel are outfitted with a scanning gadget, according to a video provided by TikTok user @thewalmartguy69. Zebra Technologies manufactured the popular retail trace and track device. Numerous big retail outlets in the United States also used the same company’s scanners and software.

Employees may use this gadget to link their scanners to self-checkout machines. Employees are also aware of whether it is in use or not. Furthermore, the device displays the objects scanned at each scanner, making it simpler for personnel to detect unscanned goods.

Retail Company Loses Billions of Dollars Yearly Due To Theft

Walmart loses $3 billion each year due to stealing, Query Sprout said. As a result, the retail behemoth goes to great lengths to avoid the situation.

The National Retail Federation (via Business Insider) said theft and fraud cost businesses like Walmart approximately $62 billion in 2019. That accounts for around 1.6 percent of total sales.

As of 2021, Walmart will sue any theft for more than $25. They also hired Loss Prevention Associates to profile and detect shoplifters. Because the retail giant does not remove the security camera video and organize all transaction data, the employees may analyze the data and launch a case against repeat offenders.

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