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NFL: Mississippi Auditor Demands Repayment of $77 Million in Wrongly Spent Welfare Money

The Mississippi auditor stated on Tuesday that he is demanding repayment of $77 million in wrongly spent welfare money in one of the most poverty-stricken states in the United States. This involves $828,000 that the state auditor is calling out from the retired NFL player Brett Favre and one employee of Favre Enterprises, his business.

Brett Favre

Former NFL player Brett Favre might be issued a civil lawsuit if he does not repay an $828,000 welfare provision he reportedly illegally acquired from the local government. (Photo: Getty Images)


The first misspending allegations were unveiled in early 2020 when former Mississippi Department of Human Services executive director John Davis and five other individuals were arraigned for one of Mississippi’s biggest public corruption cases. The Mississippi auditor described it then as an extensive “conspiracy.”

According to the state auditor Shad White on Tuesday, Favre is not being indicted for criminal charges. However, he will be issued a lawsuit if the funds are not yet paid within 30 days. White remarked the former NFL player received $1.1 million in welfare funds for multiple speeches for which he failed to appear. The Hall of Famer and Mississippi native was reported in 2020 to have accepted $1.1 million from the welfare system of the state for speaking engagements in promotion of an agenda called Families First for Mississippi.

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Favre Has Paid $500k

In 2020, according to Favre, he did not know the money originated from welfare. He immediately paid back half a million dollars but has not yet forked over the remaining amount, reported WPR. According to a spokesman with the auditor’s office, the amount of $828,000 involves interest from the time that Favre initially received the welfare funds.

White said following two years of work, they detected tens of millions of dollars in wrongful spending. He added such discovery has now been confirmed this October by an independent forensic audit, reported USA Today.

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