Always-present sign-up bonuses. Pro athletes often receive large signing bonuses. Since the coronavirus pandemic, sign-on bonuses are more accessible than ever.

A sign-on bonus refers to an amount of money that a company offers to a job candidate as an incentive to accept their job offer.

When a company sees you can add a lot of value or you have multiple job offers, they may offer you a sign-on bonus.

Various industries may offer sign-on bonuses, but they're usually given to managers and executives, not new employees.

Before accepting a sign-on bonus, know the terms. You should know how and when you'll get the bonus to avoid surprises.

A new employee's sign-on bonus can offset a lower salary. They may also use a sign-on bonus to make up for benefits that you wouldn’t be eligible for as a new employee. Consider both.

Yes, it's always good to negotiate the sign-on bonus, especially if you would prefer to have a higher base salary or other employee benefits.

Some companies are flexible, while others cannot offer a higher base salary due to policy. Do your research to know your options.