Here's an explanation of Google Discover, how Google cards work, and how to personalize your feed to make it more useful.

Google Discover for Android and iOS provides a feed of relevant material. Google uses information from its products to do this, as expected.

It scans your Gmail, Google Calendar, and search history for significant events and interests. The tool calculates driving times and suggests local activities based on your location. YouTube and other Google services also help.

Discover has had various names. Google Now launched in 2012. Google Now cards gave valuable snippets of information.

Google Now became Google Feed over time. Google calls it "Discover" Google Assistant replaces Google Now, which only allowed basic voice commands.

The Google app is on almost every Android device and maybe your iPhone or iPad. Install it from Google Play or the App Store, then sign in with Google.

Do the suggestions in Google Discover clash with your actual interests? Let's take a look at how to tweak them for better results.

Google Discover's cards help you find articles and information without searching. Personalization makes it a fitting successor to Google Now.