Asset management involves buying and monitoring securities, real estate, and other investments to generate a return for clients.

Asset managers are paid by customers. These services include buying and selling stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate.

Prominent Asset Management Companies More than half of the world's leading asset management organisations have U.S. headquarters by 2022.

Ranked by total assets under management, the top 10 companies include: – BlackRock: $9.57 trillion (U.S.) – Vanguard Group: $8.1 trillion (U.S.) – USB Group: $4.38 trillion (Switzerland)

– Fidelity Investments: $4.28 trillion (U.S.) – State Street Global Advisors: $4 trillion (U.S.) – Morgan Stanley: $3.32 trillion (U.S.) – JPMorgan Chase: $2.96 trillion (U.S.)

– Credit Agricole: $2.87 trillion (France) – Allianz Group: $2.76 trillion (Germany) – Capital Group: $2.7 trillion (U.S.)

Other names commonly recognized in the U.S. include Goldman Sachs ($2.39 trillion), PIMCO ($2 trillion) and Edward Jones ($1.7 trillion).

Asset managers help people with 401(k)s, mutual funds, ETFs, etc.