Many of us use calendars to track appointments and vacations. Why not keep a financial calendar? Budget calendars work this way.

A budget calendar is a tool designed to help you remember important financial dates, from the days your paychecks arrive to the days bills are due.

The key benefits of creating a monthly budget calendar, planner or spreadsheet include: - Improved cash flow -Fewer missed bills -Added savings

"Budgeting allows you to allocate enough money to pay your bills so you aren't struggling paycheck to paycheck," says Leslie Tayne, debt resolution attorney and managing director of Tayne Law Group P.C. in New York City.

The Best Budget Calendars Price: $7.99 a month or $56.99 a year. Money Calendar. Flat-rate $29.95 (no subscription). It was $24.99 when this was written. Moneydance\sPrice: $49.99 flat rate. Moneydance+ costs $2 a month for existing customers and $5 a month for new customers.

You don't have to pay for a budget calendar. You could make your own. Plenty of people track some bills on a paper calendar or a digital calendar like Google Calendar.

You need a budget, but a budget calendar may not be necessary. It's just one useful financial tool to consider.

"Low-income living implies focusing on the short term, so I think long-term financial goals are neglected. Always thinking short-term will keep you unprepared "- Tayne