Now that you know Cash App works with two different banks, you probably want to know which one is associated with your account.

Generally speaking, Sutton Bank serves as the issuer for the Cash App Cash Card and Lincoln Savings Bank manages customers’ direct deposits.

Here’s how to find out which one your account is associated with: 1. Open the app 2. Go to the banking tab 3. Tap the routing and account number below your balance.

Launched in 2013 as Square Cash, Cash App is actually a digital banking and mobile payment app, and it’s very popular in the U.S, boasting 30 million active users.

The app enables you to send and receive money, purchase stocks and Bitcoin. Through the Cash App Taxes feature, you can file your taxes for free and through Cash App Investing, you can make investments and buy Bitcoin for as little as $1.

If you do set up direct deposit, you can get your paycheck early — up to two days — and, if you have at least $300 per month in direct deposits, you’ll get three free ATM withdrawals per month.

It’s simple to use Cash App. All you have to do is download the mobile app or sign up online. Next, link a bank account so you can send and receive money.

You can also use your Cash Card at ATMs, but it will cost you $2 for each transaction, plus whatever fees the ATM owner charges.