When it comes to maximizing the value of your vacation home, there are two approaches you can take. First, you can work on enhancing the actual property value of the home itself.

Second, you can focus on enhancing the rental value of your property by making it worthy of a higher average daily rental price.

In reality, improvements in either area are generally complementary, meaning if you’re improving the value of your home, you’re likely also increasing its rental appeal, and vice versa.

Ongoing home repairs may be a nuisance, but neglecting to attend to them can prove even more costly over time.

A house in disrepair is also less likely to appreciate in value, and it’s certainly less appealing to potential renters.

Spending money on visible improvements is a huge benefit when it comes to increasing the appeal of your vacation home to renters

While some renters enjoy meeting their hosts, many others don’t want the hassle of coordinating their schedules to meet someone who can let them in. They simply want to be able to come and go as they please.

One of the things that can make your rental property stand out among a sea of competitors is unique touches.