Launch videos in a picture-in-picture mode on your phone and computer to easily multitask between them and anything else –  

All operating systems, including Windows 10, Windows 11, Chrome OS, macOS, Android, and iOS, support a picture-in-picture view.

Picture-in-picture mode on a Mac On macOS, the picture-in-picture mode is available on most apps you’d typically stream videos on, such as the native QuickTime player, Safari, Google Chrome, and more.

On Safari and Google Chrome, right-click twice on a video stream and select “Enter Picture in Picture.”

Picture-in-picture mode on an iPhone On an iPhone, the picture-in-picture feature can shrink not just videos down to a corner but also FaceTime calls.

Apple rolled out this feature with iOS 14, and since then, several apps have released updates to take advantage of it, including Netflix, FaceTime, Safari, Google Chrome, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

Picture-in-picture mode on a Windows PC Windows 10 and Windows 11 offer a picture-in-picture facility as well, and it works with both local files and any video stream you come across online.

Picture-in-picture mode on an Android phone Android phones have had a picture-in-picture mode long before any of their counterparts. The multitasking feature is available for Android 8, launched in 2017, and above.