Earlier, voting was easy. Most of us would vote on Election Day. Getting there and choosing applicants were our major obstacles.

And then came COVID-19. As the primaries advanced and the national election approached, voters became apprehensive about in-person voting.

Some counties offered drive-through voting and waived absentee ballot excuses. Voters can avoid large lines on Election Day by voting early.

As of January, 19 states had approved 33 measures since the 2020 election that the Brennan Center for Justice believes restrict voting access. 25 states adopted 62 measures to make voting easier.

Codirector of Stanford's Democracy and Polarization Lab Justin Grimmer encourages voting. Grimmer says to know your polling place, how to get there, if it's accessible, and if your state requires ID.

Miller said corrupt 1890s political machines led to procedures that restrict voter registration, enforce a secret ballot, and verify a voter's identity. She believes it's too early to tell if new voting regulations will effect turnout in 2022 and beyond.

Our Voices Decide is 2022 voter participation programme for older voters. In several places, the group has worked with lawmakers to extend — not restrict — voting rights.

She covers Medicare, health care, and Congress. "Medicare Made Easy" appears in AARP Bulletin. Bunis spent decades working for major daily newspapers, including the Orange County Register and Newsday.