We know, even the thought of how to propose girl gives you anxiety attacks. But fella, you can and you must before she thinks you are not interested in taking it any further.

Propose a Girl by Text 9 percent of guys reportedly back out of proposals. Why? Their nervousness caused heartache at the wrong time.

Artistic Approach Are you an artist? A painter, singer, dancer, or poet? Use your art as the means to pop the question to your lady love.

Let Her Find It Out Herself Create a puzzle game for her to be creative without losing your nerve. Give her a personalised heart-shaped photo frame with a photo of you two inside.

Create A Card With a List Of things You Love About Her Create a small booklet or card, listing all the things that draw you towards her. And end the list with a big I love you written in bold letters.

A Delicious Proposal Coffee fan? Take her out for coffee without revealing yourself. Casualize it. Write "I love you" on her coffee.

Make It All About Her Ask her to spend a good part of the day or, if you can, the entire day with you. Do everything she likes and enjoys.

Go Glamping Indoor camping is the most romantic date ever. Create an interior campfire with 4-5 LED Light Bottles in front of your bed sheet tent.