1. Fragrances Fragrances mask a dirty secret. Secrets galore! Companies aren't required to disclose the fragrance chemicals (and sometimes don't know).

2. Petroleum Petroleum jelly, petrolatum, mineral oil are all the same. Petroleum jelly, found in "healing" lotions and balms, is an oil industry byproduct.

3. Phthalates Personal care products use over a dozen types of phthalates to improve fragrance and pliability. Some phthalates have few or no safety studies, while others are linked to health issues.

4. Parabens This common preservative has been detected in virtually all Americans. As more research is done, scientists are finding more and more problems with this common preservative.

5. Aluminum Aluminium absorption by skin is a mystery. Aluminum skincare? Doubtful. Aluminum in Alzheimer's patients' brains may cause brain dysfunction, Parkinson's disease, and neurological disease.

6. PFOAS, PFC’s and Teflon Chemicals There are thousands of fluorinated chemicals in our food, water, and cosmetics. Known as PFCs or PFASs they were originally intended to replace PFOAs (which are confirmed toxins).

7. Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate or Retinoic Acid) Retinyl palmitate is not as healthy as vitamin A. Applying retinyl palmitate to sun-exposed skin may cause damage. Studies show skin sensitivity and irritation.

9. Triclosan The FDA spoke out against the antibacterial ingredient triclosan and in 2017 banned its use in certain products, including hand sanitizer and certain soaps.