Nordic diet This diet emphasizes seasonal and locally sourced options, with a concern for protecting the environment

Ornish diet One of the reasons folks opt for a plant-based diet is that there's evidence it can ward off chronic diseases

Vegetarian diet This approach certainly impressed our panel of experts, who awarded strong scores for short-term weight loss

Flexitarian diet Overall, the expert panelists thought this was a great option for a plant-based approach

Mediterranean diet The Mediterranean diet is the No. 1 plant-based diet and tops the list for best diet overall.

This diet is more of an eating plan, and followers can get guidance from the Mediterranean Food Pyramid.

Get ready to add "new meat" to your diet, including tofu, beans, lentils, peas, nuts and seeds, and eggs

Stock up on tofu. Other meat substitutes, like soy, will also become a staple. While fruits and vegetables will make up much of your diet