Sunlight improves physical, mental, and emotional health. Sunshine is an important health factor.

Sunlight boosts vitamin D levels. Even with high vitamin D, we need morning sunlight.

We’re exposed to two types of sunlight—UVA and UVB. UVB rays help with Vitamin D production but are blocked by glass. UVA comes through windows and offers other sunlight benefits.

Improved Physical Health These include: Nitric Oxide When exposed to indoor or outdoor sunlight, the skin releases nitric oxide from storage into the bloodstream.

Heme-oxygenase Sunlight stimulates skin heme-oxygenase. UV exposure stresses cells, causing this. Immune Cell Regulation Immune system cells are diverse. When a cell is dysfunctional or produced in imbalance, the immune system can be suppressed or stimulated.

Benefits of Sunlight: Who Needs It? Indoor Sunlight Unfortunately, we can’t get vitamin D through a window. Glass blocks a specific type of UV ray that creates vitamin D in the body in response to a cholesterol conversion.

Outdoor Sunlight There are additional benefits to outdoor morning sunlight. Vitamin D production depends on a lot of factors and isn’t necessarily as important first thing in the morning.

Even in winter, keeping the eyes and face exposed to light has some benefits. Bright morning rays still reach the brain.