Learn how much money you have. Even if you don't think you're rich, you may have more assets than you realize

Don’t hide money. Hiding money may be tempting if you feel your spouse isn’t trustworthy, but don’t do it

Separate your bank accounts. If you don't have your own checking and savings account, get them now. “Start working with your spouse to separate bank accounts,"

Create an emergency fund. If you've opened a savings account, you can use that as your emergency fund

Hire a divorce attorney. If you and your partner get along well and opt for an uncontested divorce, perhaps you won’t need a lawyer.

Bring in a forensic accountant. Not everyone can afford – or even needs – a team of high-level professionals to get through a divorce

Make sure the paperwork is filled out correctly. The best way to make sure the paperwork is filled out properly is to make sure you hire competent professionals

If you’re relying on support, the payer should have insurance. Ideally, if your ex is making alimony or child support payments, he or she should be insured