This spray uses my secret skin-health weapons to quickly relieve sunburn. Last year, I found this recipe. It uses many common sunburn ingredients, plus water-soluble CBD for rapid relief.

Natural Witch Hazel This natural extract made from the bark of the witch hazel tree is mildly astringent. Commonly used in skin recipes, witch hazel makes a great base for this spray.

Aloe Vera Gel Perhaps the most common remedy for sunburn, aloe helps soothe skin and relieve the inflammation that comes with over-exposure to the sun.

Water-Soluble CBD My secret weapon against sunburn! I’ve never seen another sunburn relief spray that uses CBD, and this one ingredient makes such a difference!

Lavender Essential Oil This soothing oil is another powerhouse for sunburn relief. It’s actually helpful against any type of burn, and I keep it and manuka honey on hand for kitchen burns as well.

Peppermint Essential Oil A natural analgesic, peppermint offers quick relief from the pain of sunburn. It’s been used for years for topical pain relief, and may also reduce inflammation to speed recovery.

Calendula Extract An optional ingredient, calendula is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. From the marigold family, this gentle flower has been used in skin recipes throughout history and adds additional soothing properties to this recipe.

it’s important to avoid sunburn in the first place!