If you have a disability and can no longer work like you once did, you may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits.

This programme covers workers and their dependents. The benefits can help the disabled person and their family replace lost income.

Social Security must periodically evaluate your case to see if you're still disabled. If you're still disabled, your benefits will continue. These steps evaluate your work ability.

Working can limit your Social Security disability benefits. A trial work period allows you to work for nine months in 60 months and still receive benefits.

When you're notified that Social Security disability checks will begin, the letter will tell you when your first review is. Your reviews depend on your medical condition and prognosis.

Social Security notifies you of the review first. Laura Andert, a consultant and advocate in St. Paul, Minnesota, recently underwent review. A

Evaluation requires some paperwork. “You'll need patient records for any medical treatment you've received since your disability,” says Colin Nabity, CEO and co-founder of Omaha-based Breeze.

Social Security may interview you during a medical review. November says to watch for Social Security calls and letters. "They can only call or write so often during their medical review. Non-response can lead to denial.