Intermittent fasting may actually lead to a lower risk of developing AMD in the elderly population

Skipping breakfast may actually be a good thing for a select population, according to Korean investigators

Over 4,500 patients from the database were included who were 55 years of age and older and had data that reflected their frequency with which they ate meals as well as available fundus photographs

The groups were comprised of individuals who engaged in intermittent fasting defined as nearly 0 time/week and those who did not fast defined as 5 to 7 times/week

The risk factors for developing AMD seen on fundus photographs were analyzed. The results showed that a quarter of all patients had AMD

Intermittent fasting group had a decreased risk of AMD compared to the non-fasting group and this was especially true in subjects younger than 70 years, those who were obese, and those who lived in cities

They also reported that increased age and serum high density lipoprotein levels also were independent risk factors for development of AMD

We demonstrated that intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast was significantly associated with a reduced risk of AMD in a representative elderly population