Around 2007, Bill Dehkes contemplated suicide for a week as he drove on a Minneapolis road that was part of his daily routine. At one point he even unbuckled his seatbelt.

Depression in men Many people associate depression with isolation, anxiety, withdrawal and overt sadness. Some men with depression do exhibit these symptoms, according to doctors who treat the condition.

1. Isolating In the early 2010s, comedian Gary Gulman seemed to be crushing it. He toured regularly and often greeted fans after the show, making affable chit-chat.

2. Oversleeping or trouble sleeping Some days or weeks, you just need to sleep. When you regularly sleep 12 to 14 hours, as Gulman did during his melancholy, something is amiss.

3. Lashing out According to the American Psychiatric Association, a man or woman must experience sadness or a loss of interest in typical activities virtually every day for at least two weeks.

4. Drinking too much After Gillan’s second brother’s funeral, he got drunk and “woke up in a dark place.” That’s when he realized he needed help, and he's now nearly 27 years sober.

5. Loss of interest in favourite activities Suddenly losing interest in playing pickup hoops could be a sign of depression, says DC-area psychotherapist Anita Gadhia-Smith.

6. Workaholism Depression can cause workaholism. Some depressed guys "generate a compulsive cycle of action or thinking that creates tension and bustle," Gadhia-Smith explains.