One tell-tale sign: The U.S. economy declined by an annualized rate of 1.4% in the first quarter of 2022, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

1. Grocery Store Worker Restaurant business usually drops during a recession as more people cook at home to save money — and shop more at grocery stores.

2. Grocery Store Delivery Person Grocery delivery services have taken off since 2020, making life a little easier for consumers while providing more opportunities for side gig workers.

3. Bookkeeper Death and taxes, right? Recession or not, individuals and businesses have to pay taxes and track their finances.

4. Virtual Assistant The need for virtual assistants isn’t going anywhere either. And during a recession, businesses are a little more picky when hiring support staff — making part-time, hourly virtual assistants an attractive option.

5. Mobile Mechanic The average new car price costs $5,000 more than last year, according to Kelly Blue Book. Used car prices are much higher as well.

6. Handyman Let’s face it. Stuff breaks, no matter what state the economy is in. There’s a world of DIYers out there who love to fix things and take on new projects.

7. Senior Care Worker Whether it’s in a care facility or at home, senior care providers look after the daily needs of aging citizens — everything from household chores to skilled nursing.