A curious patient is a healthy patient. When you go to the doctor it's typically for a specific problem, such as a cold, stomach pain or other issue that you want to get better.

What preventive care services are right for me? Preventive care is intended to target disease prevention and keep the patient healthy. "I would like to hear more patients ask about preventive care

Do you understand what I just said? It can feel like doctors and patients aren't taking part in the same conversation

Would you recommend this treatment to a family member? Another great question is, 'If it was you sister or mom, would you recommend this to them

Which internet resources can I trust for medical information? Anyone with a blog can give out information and advice on medical issues,

How does my family history affect my risk for certain conditions? It's important to discuss family medical history with your doctor

Why are you prescribing this medication? Too often doctors expect patients to blindly trust their judgment when prescribing medications, Langan says. But you deserve more information.

Will flying post-surgery affect my recovery? Always tell your physician if you're planning a flight around the time you're undergoing a procedure such as a biopsy or skin excision