Never pay to use an online survey site. You're the one who is supposed to get paid. If you have to spend any money to join these sites, you are probably being scammed.

Don't depend on the income from survey sites. There are better side gigs. These paid online survey sites work best if you get some enjoyment by trying to score good deals and earn extra cash

Be realistic about the time investment. Filling out a survey sounds like something that will take just a few minutes. Don't be fooled

1. Don't expect to get paid quickly. It can sometimes take days or weeks before you earn enough points or money to cash out.

Don't invest significant time on survey sites. If you're having fun earning a little extra money, great. If it feels like work, you should try to find some work that actually pays decent money

BrandedSurveys You can sign up or join through Facebook. You create a profile and answer a few questions about your life

Google Opinion Rewards Google is everywhere, including in the paid online survey site industry. You’ll download an app and answer some questions about yourself

Harris Poll Online This is a respected company that's been around for decades, and if you sign up to fill out its surveys, you will get email invites to surveys