The NHS has launched a lung cancer awareness campaign to encourage those with symptoms to go for earlier GP checks

The Help Us Help You campaign, launched on World Lung Cancer Day, targets those most at risk, including over-60s and people from working-class backgrounds

Lung cancer is the biggest cause of cancer-related deaths in England , with 26,410 patients dying last year making it the fifth biggest cause of death overall in England.

Professor Peter Johnson, national clinical director for cancer, said: “For lung cancer, we have not seen referrals bounce back at the same rate as other cancers.

Symptoms can include having a cough for longer than three weeks, coughing up blood, or persistent breathlessness

We know that the earlier you catch cancer, the better the chances of survival, and the Help Us Help You initiative is empowering people to come forward for screening

“If you have any of the key symptoms set out by the NHS, I urge you to see your GP without delay to get checked out – early diagnosis is absolutely vital to beat this disease.”

She said: “The NHS is here to help and our services are open so people should not hesitate to come forward if they notice potential lung cancer symptoms.”