Neon White is a creative blend of puzzles, speedrunning and fast-paced FPS action, topped off by an intriguing yet predictable anime-style story.

Pros +Addictive, fast-based gameplay +Creative, puzzle-based levels +Upbeat soundtrack +Story is engaging…

Cons -…but predictable -Little room for experimentation -Gameplay loop can get repetitive

There are few things I hate less in games: card-based battle systems and speed running.

That’s enough said about that. You’re finally led to a hub world of Central Heaven, where you can interact with characters, check your relationship status in your chamber (which I seldom did), and progress the story.

Level design has been well thought out for on-the-fly speedrunners. I realized certain paths I could take to reduce my time the more levels I played.

It's a novel concept that combines platforming, puzzles, time trials, and shooter gameplay on cards, with an anime-style tale.

If you like anime themes where angels are viewed as hard-working cats and want to experience a unique puzzle-based FPS platformer, Neon White is for you.